Is Upholstery Cleaning More Effective Than Traditional Cleaning Method?

First of all, we have to elaborate the process of upholstery cleaning for better understanding. Upholstery cleaning is a process in which cleaners insert shampoo in subject like couches and then encapsulate and extract hot water from the subject. Cleaners should avoid over wetting in order to prevent subject from getting fadedOver wetting also causes shrinking in fabric. To avoid any kind of inconvenience never over wet the subject. However, due to technological advancement there are some equipments that absorb moisture from the couches but smart cleaner never go for over wetting. Some advance upholstery cleaning devices can produce limited amount of water that actually prevent subjects from getting faded. Upholstery cleaning can also kill all bacteria and germs who have been clogged in couches and carpets. Upholstery cleaning provides a deep and thorough cleaning of subject that eventually make sure the prevention of family members from different skin diseases and infections. There are many more factors that makes upholstery cleaning better than traditional cleaning. Cleaners spread dry shampoo on the subject then clean it with the brushes so, before using the vacuum the subject starting getting dry.

Process of upholstery cleaning:

Upholstery cleaning gone through the eight major steps such as:

    • Pre inspection
    • Color staunching test
    • Condition of fabric
    • Dust extraction
    • Fine fabric protection
    • Fabric drying
    • Final inspection

Pre-inspection is the initial part of the upholstery cleaning in Canberra in which our cleaning specialists observe the strength of the fabric of subject. Color staunching test is the process in which our specialist determines the color fastness then apply cleaning process accordingly. After determining the condition of the fabric, our specialists apply conditioner to loosen the dust particles to extract them easily. Dust extraction refers to the extraction of soil particles from the subject to make it clean and glowing. We refer customers to buy fabric protector to present subject from stain and dust particles. This protector also increases the life span of the subject. Once our cleaning specialist cleaned the subject then they use powerful dryers to dry the subject in minimum time. Our capable cleaners have the ability to clean any subject in minimum time. Then it comes to final inspection in which our specialists conduct a final inspection to ensure that our team members have achieved their goal.


We always recommend customers to choose upholstery cleaning method to increase the life span of the subject. We have the most capable cleaners who knows how to meet the expectation of the customers. We are providing best cleaning services in very reasonable prices.