Freight And Freight Forwarding

Let’s clear this up freight is something different from the conventional and traditional term transportation, freight is the terms specifically used for the businesses and proper movement in a certain way. Technically freight, freight forwarder or forwarding company is something known as a non-vessel carrier operator, who carries products from the manufacturer to the end consumers or/and final point of distribution and sometimes move the products between the supply chain, almost has the same essence of logistics. Generally a freight forwarder does not move the products itself but has some connection in logistics services that does that on freight forwarding company’s behalf.

Sometimes companies hire more than one freight forwarders in order to get the best out of it, they usually transport the products by sea (by ship), trucks and rail road’s sometimes use the combination of all in order to provide more than 100% to its clients. For example: the freight forwarder put the product in the cargo to the airport, and that plane may deliver the product to the destined country and from there another cargo can take the product consignment and deliver is safely and responsibly to the designated client. Freight forwarding has now become a separate business there are some companies which are instead of availing a separate freight forwarding services handling things themselves. There are some worth mentioning names in the field of freight forwarding for example: DHL, LEOPARD and TCS surely there must be more of the companies but few are doing pretty good, in fact DHL claims one to two days delivery. Talking about international consignment deliveries international freight forwarders possesses special knowledge, resources and expertise in order to deliver and handle international deliveries all over the world, custom papers, activities and protocols including custom clearing and delivery such as: export invoices, shippers export declaration and miscellaneous papers are very well handled by the freight forwarders. There was a famous freight companies Sunshine which was established in London England 1836.

For the customer freight forward sometimes act as an agent, carrier or the principal and sometimes more than one position. Sometimes acting as an agent freight forwarders charge extra fees for the custom papers and other documentations which is paid by the importer on the receiving destination usually known as cost in freight and is CIF is separate from the documentation charges charged by the forwarder, furthermore these charges are known as documentation charges, freight charges or documentation handling charges steam ship carriers do not charge any such fees from the exporter or the importer. In modern world freight forwarding has become a renowned and suitable business, responsibilities of a freight forwarder is a lot more than what is usually stated on the internet or on documents.