All About Asbestos Sampling

Asbestos are the mineral fibers that can be found in rock formations, they are fire resistant, strong and durable, they were used in the past times, for constructions and stuff in the insulation and other ceiling tiles but now it is not used that much. This is however, because of the reason that asbestos can cause several different types of cancers, lung cancers to be specific. This only happens if the asbestos fibers are released into the air and they are inhaled by humans, plants or animals too for that matter.  

There are things that might have asbestos in your house as well such as cement roof, the insulation, the rubber floor tiles if you have any. However, scraping or sanding it might release these particles into thin air which may cause problems for the people living nearby.  

There are some measures that shall be taken if you are aware that you are surrounded by hazardous chemical awareness training particles released into thin air. They are that first of all you shall wear a respirator along with disposable gloves and protective clothing, there shall be no way through which these asbestos can reach under your skin, they can go through cuts and rashes on the skin, through inhaling and the digestive system too, so you have to be very careful. 

Secondly, you have to make sure that you turn off the cooling and heating systems all around you so that these fibers are not spread anywhere anymore, and mostly children and pets shall not be allowed in the contaminated place, because they are not well aware of how they shall be avoiding any contact with these particles.  

You shall have a zip lock bag where you would keep the sample, a plastic sheet it shall be, however the bag should be clean and dry and this should be made sure of. Before the sample is taken, the material is to be wet so that the fibers of asbestos do not release into the air and then using a clean knife, one has to cut out a small piece of the material. The size can be around 2 square inches. You shall be sure that you are asbestos sampling all the layers of the material.  

Then close the bag tightly and make sure that you wipe the exterior with a damp towel so that no particles remain on the outside of the bag. Then cover the whole bag with aluminum or duct tape so that it remains insulated at all times, then label the whole package and you are ready for the sample to be tested wherever you want, that would be on you to decide.